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Waterproof Mattress Protector by GoldenRest

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This waterproof mattress protector by GoldenRest is a dust mite resistant and a super thin cover. Since it is manufactured out of polyurethane backing and terry-cotton fabric it is very breathable as well. The sides expand to perfectly fit mattresses up to twelve inches thick in traditional sizes. Nothing like standard protectors, this model will not come off no matter how frequently the user changes the position of the bed. This pad is perfect for foam mattress and mattress topper owners who find them very hot. Since this pad is breathable it helps to dissipate heat and thus makes the mattress much more comfortable and less hot. And the thing we like the most is its five year warranty.

Waterproof Mattress Protector by DreamFit

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A mattress is an important investment and it calls for the very best protection available. DreamFit has a small but excellent collection of waterproof mattress protectors. We especially liked their DreamClean 1º Mattress Protector. This completely waterproof, guaranteed to fit and stay on, allergens-resistant, body vapor breathable, premium terry cloth mattress protector is truly amazing.

Waterproof Mattress Protector by Malouf

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Each and every night the human’s body loses up to 1l of body fluid through the mouth and skin pores and also sheds millions and millions of skin flakes. Up to two million dust mites can live inside the unprotected mattress. They actually survive on bodily fluids & dead skin cells. Allergic reactions are caused by the skin & waste dust mites leave behind. Exposure has been proven to cause breathing problems such as asthma in kids. What’s more, dust mites have been shown to be a leading cause of eczema. Waterproof mattress protectors by Malouf cut off the food supply to dust mites, making it virtually impossible for them to survive.

Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector by Luna Mattress Protectors

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Luna Mattress Protectors are of the top quality and come with a full replacement ten year warranty! They work by using premium cotton terry bonded with a hypoallergenic waterproof membrane base layer. In order to enable the mattress to breathe, Luna utilizes an innovative Airflow Technology made up of proprietary microscopic pores in the membrane layer. These pores allow air to pass through while preventing dust mites and liquids from penetrating. This mattress protector’s ability to breathe extends the life of the mattress. What’s more, it works to control temperature preventing their protectors from sleeping hot as well. Fitted sheet style elastic sides are attached making it an ideal fit for basically any mattress profile.