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Memory Foam Mattress by Dreams Plc

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The Readymatt Noble memory foam mattress by Dreams Plc is made for the very best comfort & support. As you already know, the Memory Foam technology, originally developed by NASA engineers, uses individual cells which instantly hug the shape of the body, ensuring amazing comfort. This mattress is a premium grade reflex foam mattress and is perfect for dorms, bunk beds, foldaway and guest beds. Its roll packed for easy transportation. Most importantly, this mattress perfectly moulds to each and every contour of the body.

Memory Foam Mattress by Indigo Furniture

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The Exclusive Memory 2000 has been designed and manufactured exclusively for Indigo Furniture by Healthbeds. The Exclusive is a premium collection of mattresses. Each and every mattress is manufactured out of highest quality materials – the mattress is topped with a combination of high-end soft Cashmere & comfortable lambs’ wool in order to provide users with the very best product. It’s truly as comfy as a foam mattress can get. It features a layer of ULTRA 2000 hand nested pocketed springs along with layers of natural fillings topped with a massive layer of seven centimeters luxurious memory foam.

Memory Foam Mattress by Ergoflex

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The memory foam mattress by Ergoflex is a pressure-relieving and temperature sensitive mattress which perfectly moulds itself to the contours of the body. The composition has been designed with billions of spherical shaped open cells. These cells respond to pressure points and body temperature. Therefore, this mattress gives the body ultimate comfort and support meaning a revitalizing and a sound sleep. Ergoflex‘s Visco Elastic Memory foam mattresses are used in the health sector throughout EU and commended by doctors across Scandinavia, because of their proven therapeutic benefits.

Memory Foam Mattress by Simmons

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Check out this wonderful mattress named Mystic by Simmons from their famous ComforPedic Collection. When you are sitting on the edge of your bed, you need a little bit more support. Due to its hi-tech construction, 360 degrees Gradient Edge Support System extends the sleeping surface of the mattress all the way to the edge and also firms up the sides of your bed for extra stability while sitting. Furthermore, Transflexion Comfort Technology guarantees the bed will feel consistently comfy throughout its lifetime. And it comes with a 25 year limited warranty. Who wants one?