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Ridiculously Expensive Mattresses: Are They Worth the Money?

Exactly how much money are you willing to spend on a decent mattress? $600, $1,000, how about $1.7 million? Five models rank among the most expensive in the world. According to some, these mattresses have been especially designed to provide the luxury factor and to bring an unparalleled comfort. We have few questions for you, but let us start with the most important: Do the rich people really sleep better than everybody else?

Vividus by Hastens

The Vividus is made layer by layer out of highest-quality wool, cotton and horsehair. The top layer of this ridiculously expensive mattress is actually combination of layers of cotton, horsehair and wool all enveloped by this manufacturer’s signature checkered ticking fabric. The cotton fabric is secured in tufts within the mattress and double reinforced. Each and every horsehair is separated in order to preserve length, and then teased together. It goes without saying, everything is hand stitched. Hastens

Palais Royal by Kluft

Available at Bloomingdales department store in the United States, rich can get their very own mattress for just over $30,000. The Palais Royal takes few days to complete, start to finish. Of course, it’s almost completely handmade. It comes with a two-decade warranty that’s almost unheard of for furniture. However, in case the mattress is to last consistently for two decades it works out at $4 per one night. Kluft

Herald by Vi-Spring

The Herald divan set by Vi-Spring includes a mattress and a deep sprung divan base. The mattress features one-thousand-four-hundred springs. And the divan base has 950 pocket springs on screwed & glued solid wool frame. There’re more springs in this divan base than you would find in the majority of standard beds. VI-Spring

Floating Bed by Universal Architecture

The set of magnets, which were planted inside this mattress/bed and the floor, enables it to hover. Believe it or not, this magnet strength is powerful enough to take two-thousand-pounds of weight. This bed was designed with the movie of A Space Odyssey in 2001 in mind. $1.7 million! Universal Architecture

Platinum Collection by Magniflex

With Magniflex introducing some of the most expensive mattresses in the world sleeping like a king has taken a whole new meaning. The Platinum Collection is actually the most expensive model in the world. This mattress is made out of non-toxic, eco-friendly and organic materials featuring a generous sprinkling of gold. Innovative technology enables air to circulate freely and maintain the temperature of the mattress constant. $75,000! Magniflex

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