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Queen Sized Bed by Jean Marie Massaud

This double bed from Jean Marie Massaud is a low and beautifully formed queen sized bed. It is revitalizing not just for your body, it is revitalizing for your mind as well. By changing the usually right angle between the mattress and the headboard, the designer has sought to accomplish a continuum free of abruptness. The outcome is simple curves upholstered in a quite elastic textile which firmly wraps the form and gives so much more visual uniformity to the design. What’s more, this bed called the Lipla is made out of several well integrated parts. The mattress sits on a beautiful minimalist wooden frame. An upholstered structure featuring a headboard encircles the mattress. Also, there’s an optional wooden part which stands at frame level behind the headboard and features nightstands with drawers on both sides of the bed. Bed’s conception blends well into the Porro Collections (Porro is a manufacturer of this bed) that have been oriented for many years low, broad beds.

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  1. Sally Reply
    2013/09/12 at 8:21 am

    Where to purchase this bed?

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