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IB Origins Memory Foam Mattresses for Undisturbed Sleep

International Bedding, one of the biggest independently owned mattress producers in the US, is releasing brand new models of its famous Origins collection. It will now feature memory foam. Its layers reduce pressure areas and so increase comfort. The so called ‘Low Pressure’ sleep environment helps in relaxing tired muscles. And the end result – user falls asleep faster, sleeps through the night and wakes up feeling revitalized and rested. What’s more, memory foam reduces motion transfer; therefore both partners can experience undisturbed sleep.

According to their PR, there’re about 5 models to the ‘Origins’. All models will be made available both in pillow as well as plush top versions, and also in smooth and quilted top design.

“This new Origins series not only expands and complements the entire collection, but offers retailers more options under the ultra premium Origins brand at very competitive price points,” as the International Bedding’s PR said.

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