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Mattress Pad by Coyuchi

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This mattress pad by Coyuchi is amazing. Simply lay an ideal foundation for a really sound night’s sleep and cover a mattress with a comfy cushion of organic cotton. Finished with 2’’ quilted squares, this mattress pad features a white sateen top and a white percale underside. It has pure organic cotton batting fill and a 15 inch deep pocket with full elastic around the bottom; this way your pad will not wrinkle. Coyuchi’s cotton is pure organic (and therefore eco-friendly), and woven & sourced in India.

Electric Mattress Pad by Chili Technology

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The ChiliPad technology uses water instead of air to generate a wide range of in-bed temperature adjustments. Similar to the semiconductor technology that cools your computer, water passes by the chip and, depending on the direction of electron flow the water is cooled or heated. The water then flows through the soft coils in the mattress pad to actively adjust the temperature of the surface at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning or heating. The motor is virtually silent (under 45 decibels) and fits under a standard bed frame.

2 Inch Mattress Pad by Sleep Studio

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The ViscO2 memory foam by Sleep Studio combined with ventilation offers an ideal balance of temperature, support and comfort. It adds a layer of comfort to hug each and every curve of the body during sleep and take the stress off main pressure points (such as hips and shoulders). This 2 inch mattress pad conforms to body curves right away, for instant pressure relief and comfort. Its innovative open cell construction dissipates body heat much faster when compared to standard memory foam. Therefore one does not overheat. It’s made with a ‘green’ formulation which utilizes plant based ingredients such as green tea in order to reduce the impact on the Mother Nature.

Memory Foam and Fiber Mattress Topper by Sleep Innovations

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Nap in ultimate comfort on this 4’’ memory foam and fiber mattress topper by Sleep Innovations. In order to guarantee support and comfort, the queen-sized topper features a couple of inches of pillow-like microfiber and a couple of inches of pure polyurethane memory foam with a three-pound density. The memory foam responds to your body temperature and weight as it conforms in order to embrace your body shape. By hugging the curves and not pushing back against the body, it offers pressure point relief in order to increase circulation. Memory foam holds the body in perfect alignment and also minimizes motion transfer, enabling couples to sleep soundly. To regulate surface temperature and optimize air circulation, this mattress topper features innovative open-cell technology.

3 Inch Mattress Topper by Sleep Better

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Foam toppers are quite versatile and perfectly work on any surface you’re trying to add extra support and comfort to. This made in USA spot clean foam topper can be found in a couple of different levels of support: extra firm or firm.