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Vintage Bed Frame Styles

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Any bedroom with vintage style necessitates using some vintage bed frame, which could vary from the Victorian iron frame to a simple Mission frame. Here are some styles with a range of designs that would go along well with most styles of bedroom décor.

Sleigh Bed Frames

It was during mid-1800 that Napoleon caused the popularity of sleigh beds, also recognized as the French bed. The sleigh bed frame acquires the shape of customary sleigh. Its curved footboard and headboard gives it a graceful sloped look. Though the original old sleigh beds were made from different kinds of woods, these days you get them in leather, metals and rattan materials.

Sleigh bed with its smooth curved lines and its large size imparts grand looks to a bedroom. Depending on the available space, it may be a good idea to opt for sleigh bed with smaller frame rather than having a truly antique version. Choose the material that suits the space. For instance, cherry or solid mahogany has a romantic feel about it while rattan gives a casual look.

Mission Style Bed Frames

Mission design is notable for its simple and clean lines. Mission-style bed frames are characteristically made from pine, cherry and oak with footboard and headboard of narrow wooden slats that add to the length of the bed. Mostly, these are platform beds and the frame is four to six inches above the floor.
Mission-style beds present customary simplicity in a bedroom area. Because of their basic designs such frames give a more modern feel than the more elaborate styles of bed frames and therefore remain more versatile. For a contemporary look, you may seek to have a mission bed frame in an especially dark wood for utmost contrast, whereas oak and cherry gives a very traditional look.

Victorian Iron Bed Frames

A bed frame with the elaborate design features of Victorian fashion is a great focal point for a classic romantic bedroom. These were all the rage during late 1800s to early 1900s, and chiefly comprised of elaborate scrollwork with four poster and iron frames that gave them very romantic looks.

Victorian bed frames with antique designs have magnificent headboards with very detailed castings and other decorations or very basic designs with plain castings. You can use any type of mattress here, as long as it’s comfortable. Consider using these headboards for the most romantic feel and give a vintage look to an unconventional contemporary bedroom.

Art Deco Bed Frames

Art Deco became a very popular style in the 1920s to 1930s, distinguished by geometric patterns and smooth lines. With the coming of the Great Depression, heavy ornamentation was replaced with cleaner and significant lines. Antique Art Deco bed frames are generally made from brass or iron though expensive versions are available in mahogany or other woods.

These days you get art-deco bed frames made of wood or metals. These have designs varying from geometrical angles to gleaming architectural lines. Such designs present a very distinctive combination of modern and traditional elements, offering an everlasting style for modern and classic bedrooms.

Bed frames are expensive and before you invest in one, it would be desirable to conduct your own research to know of different available styles and choose the one that would most suit the layout and design of your bedroom. For additional information on bed frames you may like to go through the articles at Classic Bedsteads or Furniture Styles. These designs of bed frames will bring in vintage stylishness to any bedroom.

Bed with Bookcase by Flou

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The Flou’s Salina is the very best mix of comfort and style and is available as both a double and single bed. This piece of bedroom furniture seeks inspiration from the contemporary world. Its super-convenient storage is equipped with easily extractable shelves. The padded behead comes in the heights .8 and 1 meter. What we especially like it that for the double-bed version the covers (leather or fabric) can be removed.

Bed with Oversized Headboard by Ligne Roset

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The Lumeo Bed by Ligne Roset not only looks amazing but it feels so decadent. And what makes is so unique is its huge headboard. To spice up this bed even more, designers built-in a backlight and a couple of swivel reading lamps. So if you have been thinking of a dream love lounge which looks a haven of serenity & harmony then the Lumeo is the very best way to achieve that feeling. This piece guarantees that a bedroom’s style factor is taken care of and definitely does not compromise on quality. The bed is a perfect combination of the very best in design and luxury.

Elegant Sofa Bed by Ligne Roset

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Today we bring you a really great sofa-bed by Ligne Roset. The aptly named Everynight Sofa Bed is just great for all unexpected guests who like showing up. The Everynight Sofa is the best of both worlds; in other words, it’s a handsome sofa by day and a comfortable bed by night! It consists of a couple of units for the seat and one for the back, and has 3 different positions for sleeping, sitting and relaxing. It’s definitely designed with versatility in mind, providing much needed comfort, without the need to waste premium space with a dedicated guest-bed, or hassle with air beds. Featuring thick Bultex foam, steel frame and plywood slats, sleep area offers great body support without being very hard.

Stylish Sofa Bed by Ligne Roset

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The Multy Sofabed by Ligne Roset has been made for everyday use; however, that most certainly does not mean that it is unattractive (just look at those legs). Let’s get serious for a moment – this super-stylish sofa bed features a user-friendly mechanism and slatted base, which makes the transformation from bed to sofa (or is it the other way round ) quite simple. The Multy Sofabed can be used as a chaise lounge, daybed, sofa, and as a bed. Its cover unzips to form a duvet that’s easily removable for dry cleaning.