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Silky Soft Bed Sheets by Manrico Calzoni – Cashmere Bedding

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Silk, pure cotton and linen bedclothes have been going super luxurious for decades. Manrico Calzoni, an entrepreneur from Italy has tried to increase the stakes with amazingly comfortable cashmere sheets. A king size set – bottom & top sheets along with a couple of pillowcases – starts at a mind-blowing 5k. Custom adornments, colours and borders will drive prices even higher. These sheets will keep you comfortable during the night. Also, cashmere wicks moisture. They’re machine washable and come with a 2 year warrantee. Unfortunately, these silky soft bed sheets require some ironing.

Gold and Black Bedding Sets by Lawrence Home Fashions

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For those on the lookout for the perfect combination of western & Asian descent when it comes to bed linen, the Chrysanthemum set by Lawrence Home Fashions is the very best choice. Featuring woven floral in gold & black matched with high-quality woven fabrics it will be a valuable purchase for those planning to get a completely different kind of look for the bedroom. Obviously, as soon as the West meets the Far East a magic happens. We especially like the Asian inspired details. It’s also important to say that the pillowcases and sheets are printed on three-hundred thread count, pure cotton sateen featuring a printed cuff.

Best Designer Bedding: Most Luxurious and Most Comfortable

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Most of us like to stay warm during the night, and why not do it in style with one of these luxurious bedding sets. Not only will they keep you warm, they will spice of your bedroom décor as well. And bedroom décor is a great way for you to truly express your individuality. From Tommy Hilfiger’s All American Navy to Vera Wang’s French Paisley to L’erba Retreat, you will not fret with your next bedroom redecoration project. Whether you are a patriot, a romantic soul or a feminine woman, there is luxury designer bed linen sets designed specifically for you. Take a look through these bed linen sets, and perhaps you will warm up to a few.

Tommy Hilfiger Bedding

The All American Navy by Tommy Hilfiger celebrates all-time favorite American clothing styles. This bed linen set is made out of a hundred percent brushed cotton which insures lasting beauty and ultimate comfort. Highest quality fibers and a great diversity of colors are the words that best describe this Tommy Hilfiger’s bedding set. Tommy Hilfiger

Laura Ashley Bedding

The Mille Fleurs Floral Pink Cotton Bed Linen by Laura Ashley displays a different adorable girly pink floral design to both sides for a couple of beautiful looks. It’s worth mentioning that Laura Ashley is one of the most popular bed linen designers ever. It all began after Laura and her beloved husband paid a visit to a handcraft exhibition and decided to paint themselves the fabric. The main problem was that it wasn’t easy for them to get the fabric they needed; because of this they produced their own fabric. The final result of this endeavor is a range of high-end bed linen. Laura Ashley

Donna Karan Bedding

The Essentials City Stripe Bedding Collection by Donna Karan is best described as an ocean of dimension wrapped up in style. This bed linen set takes a traditional stripe and turns it on its side. The horizontal stripes provide visual interest. You will feel like you are at the head of the style when you dress your platform bed in this beautiful set. Donna Karan

Vera Wang Bedding

The French Paisley bedding set by Vera Wang is a class of its own – dynamic girly beauty. A charming pattern matches fantastic embroidered four-hundred thread count percale sheets in a truly beautiful colour combination for the contemporary romantic. Grey felt along with silk yarn dye pillows ensure dimension & texture. This bed linen set takes advantage of the bold contrast between black & white to create ultimate sophistication. Vera Wang

L’erba Bedding

The Retreat bed linen set by L’erba is designed by the subtle and whimsical beauty of blossoms in mind. A cream background is an ideal foundation for whimsical blossom detail in apricot which occupies the center vertical band, edged in a piping detail. The botanical beauty of this bed linen creates a romantic ambiance which enables homeowners to revitalize in their own love lounge. L’erba

Brown Bed Linen Sets by Charles P. Rogers – High End Bedding

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This chocolate linen and prima cotton bedding set adds charm to any modern or traditional style bedroom. This bedding by Charles P. Rodger, the renowned bedroom furniture, mattress and bed linen manufacturer is unparalleled in quality and style. Because of the parallel arrangement of the fibers, bedding is much stronger in comparison to cotton. What’s more, thanks to insulating qualities, this high-end bedding provides cooling benefits as well. Its amazing combination of softness and firmness make it very popular. Perhaps most importantly, it can be machine washed – believe it or not, it grows softer with use & time.

Embroidered Sheer Bedspread by Ralph Laurent – High End Bedding

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The Jemma Embroidery Sheer – Gossamer by Ralph Laurent is a perfect example of high end bedding. This embroidered sheer bedspread is forty-percent cotton, sixty-percent linen ground, seventy-seven-percent acrylic and twenty-three-percent polyester embroidery. Definitely a bedding to wish for! This bedding is shown on the Ralph Laurent’s Victoria Falls Bed. The provincial turnings and considerable proportions of this 4-poster bed are characteristic of its Dutch Colonial style. This high-end bed comes in mahogany finish and in king and queen sizes.