Platform Bed by Doimo – Luxurious Bedroom Furniture

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Today we bring you an amazing Doimo’s high-end bed named the Meti. This piece of modern bedroom furniture is made for rich people and it can be yours for ‘only’ $2.5k after discount and is manufactured out of Solid Italian Wood and has eye-catching stainless-steel accents throughout. Also, there is a wooden slat system and mattress is recessed roughly one or two inches into the bed frame. We especially like its matching bedside tables. What makes them so unique are built-in lights and glass shelving.

Cool Beds for Modern Homes and Exquisite Bedrooms

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Now that the summer holidays are almost here and it’s steaming hot outside, it is the perfect time of year for staying in bed and cuddling all day with your partner. While we aren’t gonna recommend a cuddling position, we do have some really cool ideas about the bed. Below are some of our latest fancies. We believe there’s something for all tastes.

Minimalist Bed Design

This designer piece of bedroom furniture will stop you in your tracks! The Roberto Paoli’s Nixon bed explores the subject of ‘suspended’ lightness. This bed features upholstered wooden frame and tubular metal structure. The padded headboard is framed by metal strips and comes in a couple of versions including compact and the model with trapeze-shaped elements which ‘cut’ dynamically horizontally across the plane. Sphaus

Lago Bed Design

What makes this bed by Lago so special are its easily adjustable sides, which can serve as a headboard and a bed cover when your friends are over. What’s more, these adjustable sides can create a cave like feeling when you are lying. We especially like the ‘bedside tables’ which look as if they have been unzipped. Lago

Ultra Modern Bed Design

The Kavern bed is designed by David Fox Design for Komfi. Available in a couple of widths and made out of CHMR foams and hardwood frames, this designer bed is geared towards not only modern-style bedrooms, but traditional-style rooms too. The bed can be upholstered in a range of highest-quality fabrics, vinyls and leathers. For any modern young couple, this bed should be the first choice. Just imagine – how chic would it be to have this sitting right in the middle of your bedroom, away from the wall? The Kavern is definitely on the pricey side, but the scale and detail are simply amazing. Komfi

Cozy Bed Designs

This contemporary, padded platform bed is the best choice for those people who tend to fall out of or perhaps spill over their expensive mattress. The elegant simple design of both the headboard and the frame will turn any messy bed into a sanctuary of dreams. This piece of furniture is also available in leather. Vioski

Extravagant Bed Design

The Hoff Bed is designed by Giuseppe Chigiotti for Driade. It’s an eye-catching contemporary piece of furniture featuring an upholstered, quilted leather platform & headboard. The wow factor of this product is definitely there. It’s so versatile; from a simple, contemporary bedroom to an exotic harem — the Hoff Bed is the perfect choice. Imagine how great it would be in a bright red? Driade

There are 5 of our current favorites. Do you have any suggestions that we might have missed? We would like to hear them.

Modern Vintage Quilts by Ouno Design – Handmade Bedspreads

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The Solar Flare Vintage Scarf Art Quilt by Ouno Design adds a completely different look to your bedroom. It’s a made by hand, washing machine and dryer safe quit made out of collectible vintage scarves from North America, Japan, France and Italy, including a couple of Vera scarves and a rare Montreal Expo 1967 souvenir scarf. The flip side is tone on tone pure hemp solid for a reversible modern quilt. The hemp is a subtle color of pale khaki/sage green. This handmade bedspread is a gem!

Platform Bed by Zanotta – Steel Frame Bedroom Furniture

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The River Bed is designed by Roberto & Ludovica Palomba for Zanotta. The bed base is made from aluminum or steel varnished graphite. The River Bed has been mounted on roll up nylon chains and is available with a non-removable external cover in cowhide. We especially like its eye-catching black varnished steel frame. The ultimate platform bed, the River Bed from Zanotta is a stylish piece of modern bedroom furniture you and your partner will love. This designer bed is extremely durable and is built to withstand the test of time.

Beds and Mattresses Archive: Minimalist Bed

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Beds and Mattresses Archive: Since minimalist beds are in demand these days we have gathered some of our most popular stories from Beds and Mattresses archive about minimalist beds. See all the stories.

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