TV Bed by MK I Studio

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This TV bed lift by MK I Studio is truly one-of-a-kind. Guys at MK I invented the concept and have been refining it for almost ten years. A 50 inch panel with Amps, VCR, DVD, Subwoofer, and seven channels of surround can be neatly stashed beneath a King size bed and a 42 inch panel and all the same gear can be stashed underneath a Queen size bed. Both take less than a minute to deploy. This TV bed lift gives homeowners the freedom to decorate any way they want without having a home theater or TV cabinet as the focal point. What’s more, it will not take up floor space or block the view out of doors and windows.

Kids Bed by Raymond Furniture

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Admit it – this castle bed is adorable and enchanting. This birch natural loft bed with slide and castle canvas from Raymond Furniture is just amazing. Only if we had such a bed when we were kids! If you have same regrets as we do, than you just have to get this bed for your kids.

Twin Bed by Argington

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The Ayres Twin Bed from Argington is just perfect for small urban apartments and families with two kids. Come to think of it, it’s a good solution for big kids’ rooms as well since it leaves more space for play in the room. It can be found in birch, white and walnut and without or with a trundle bed. It perfectly fits all standard twin mattresses.

Stylish Bed by Patricia Urquiola

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Famous design guru from Italy Patricia Urquiola designed this bed for B&B Italia. The bed features a headboard and a base upholstered in sumptuous leather. The elegant and very stylish design is appealing as well. A version of the bed with a secret, hinged storage space can be found too.

Wooden Platform Bed by Ugo Mancini

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Check out this wooden platform bed named Wing Bed from Ugo Mancini. It has everything you need – style and function. The “wing” came about since it‘s made with a movable table which can move vertically from the top of the bed to the bottom for your convenience. What’s more, the wooden headboard upholstered with cowhide is perhaps the very best part of the design since it brings out the top quality material of the bed and at the same time maintaining the natural feeling that goes beautifully with the wooden bed frame. It’s truly unique since the mattress sits directly on the wooden platform that’s quite different from a traditional bed.