Four Poster Bed by Highland House Furniture

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Clean, simple, beautiful and romantic, this bed frame is from the Highland House Furniture. Designed using fine wood with minor ring carvings in the headboard and the footboard, this bed brings style and grace to the room. It’s going to be one impressive focal center. Each piece of Century’s fine wood furniture is finished by hand, involving many steps. Woods have grain and color variations due to growth patterns of each tree. The result is a beautiful and unique piece. Due to these wood variations, finishes on individual pieces are not guaranteed to match.

Benz Bed by Martin Schlund

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Made up of Mercedes 8 Coupe (W115) with 1 / 2 Aluflegen, lying 2,00 x 1,80 m, hood lighting, upholstered headboard, headlight wash/wiper system reading lamps, turn signals and headlights and a lot more, this amazing bed offers its users the sophistication and comfort. Once a prestigious German automobile, this Mercedes 8 Coupe bed is a permanent part of the home bedroom because it was transformed into a one-of-a-kind bed. While some of the parts have been maintained, it has been fitted with mattress and reupholstered so that it becomes a cozy piece of modern bedroom furniture. It’s worth mentioning that the automobile’s hood can still be opened – a cool storage space! We have to say it again: It is Mercedes bed!

Comforpedic Loft Skylights Plush Queen Mattress by Simmons

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The Simmons Comforpedic Loft Skylights™ Plush Queen Mattress can be found as a set with either the regular foundation or low profile foundation or as a mattress only. This amazing mattress comes with high quality memory foam which keeps the temperature of the bed just perfect and helps with heat dissipation. What’s more, it helps with body movements and pressure points, allowing for a cozier sleep and rest. Suspension Support Foam further enhances the benefits of the memory foam and adds durability. So wait no more, bring home the unique in ‘relax and nap’ technology with this great mattress set.

Canopy Bed by Evening Breeze

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The revolutionary canopy bed from Evening Breeze provides its users with the amazing possibility to create the ideal sleeping climate inside the bed. The subtle flow of fresh air allows you to sleep without any draft and comfortably cool in silence even during the warm summer nights. What’s more, it is possible to save sixty to eighty percent on energy costs when compared to traditional air-conditioning systems. With the one-of-a-kind Evening Breeze ventilation system it is now possible to enjoy the sleep without any draft or noise. This ensures a good night’s sleep in an amazingly cool environment. Since the cooling is focused on the bed-space, one doesn’t have to insulate the bedroom. Therefore it is possible to open up a window and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. The bed also features a remote control making it simple to control sleeping climate even when you are all sleepy.

Beautiful Fairy Land Bed

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Everything inside the little ones’ room should be original and eye-catching; and this especially goes for the bed. This one-of-a-kind bed actually takes inspirations from fairy book settings. It is very beautiful and quite attractive to the little ones who will be making this bed their place of privacy. It features white locker as well as shelves for storage. What’s more, a bed-stairs to assist the kids into climbing. Usually it can be quite difficult to put yourself in little ones’ shoes and come up with a beautiful design that’s suited for them and that’ll interest and enchant them. Well, this fairy land bed does exactly that. It takes captivating fairytale themes and brings them right to reality in a stunning design meant to appeal to kids.