Bedding: A Perfect Wedding Gift

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Are you (and your family) invited to an upcoming wedding ceremony? What sort of gift are you planning? How about some bedding? Below are several useful tips.

There’re a lot of choices for bedding, so where to begin? First of all, look for quality. Good quality bedding must last for several years.

Colour – In case the bride and groom are just starting out, go for colours which are neutral such as beige. They will perfectly match with basically any bedroom décor. But, keep in mind that this is a perfect gift even in case they already own a house.

Now to the love lounge – relax, you’re not getting any! You need to find out exactly what size of mattress they have. Right after that you can proceed to look at a sheet set or blanket for the bed. A bride and groom are just starting out cannot have too many bed linen and duvets. And best of all, they will be able to use them as their family grows. When it comes to decorative bedding, use the Registry as guidelines of what they’re hoping for. Do you have some other ideas for wedding gifts besides bed linen?

Once You Buy A Mattress, Make Sure To Keep It Clean

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An important issue that comes to mind while buying a mattress is its cleaning as it is not one of those items that can be cleaned easily. As mattresses are used for a good part of the day also, it becomes important to take their care.

Apart from its normal wear and tear a mattress could also get spoiled by spills of children at home and considering the time you spend on it, it’s more of a personal item. That makes it all the more important to keep it clean and care for its maintenance to maintain its durability and keep it in good shape for an enhanced sleeping comfort at night. The bed mattresses come with pillow top mattresses or memory foam. Taking good care of these helps to keep the mattress clean and fresh.

Though we are all aware of the importance of keeping the mattress clean, the problem is that it’s not something that you could put in washing machine making it rid of all the dirt and germs. So how does one go ahead with its maintenance and cleaning? Yet, there are a few steps in that direction those help keeping it as clean as possible. There are certain things that you need to do on a day-to-day basis while accidents like a spill need to be taken care of on the spot. There are some useful tips in case you happen to have a spill on the mattress.

Once you develop the habit of cleaning it regularly, you’ll realize the kind of maintenance it needs from time to time. One very logical way of maintaining the mattress would be to have it covered with a mattress cover or a mattress pad. That gives you mattress a protective covering. That saves the mattress from any direct harmful attack as the cover acts as a shock absorber and takes most of the abuse. For additional security it is worthwhile to have waterproof mattress as it keeps away the stains likely to be caused by any spill. A soiled mattress can be taken care of but a dirty mattress is a different problem altogether. You should check out Mattress Reviews since this blog has a lot more information on this subject.

Memory Foam Mattresses And Their Benefits

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If you wake up in the morning feeling achey and your mattress is full of lumps, bumps and troublesome springs, then it could be time to start looking for a new one. But a mattress doesn’t tend to be something we buy very often, so when it comes to buying a new one, it can be difficult to know what to look for.

There are several different types of mattresses these days, and here are some of the most common.

There are two types of spring mattresses; those with an open spring system, where all the coils move together and the pocket spring system, where the springs are individually housed in pockets of fabric. Open spring mattresses are the most popular type of mattress in the world, mostly because of their low price, but they wear out easily and can suffer from sagging. Pocket spring mattresses are better but need to be turned regularly for even wear.

Memory foam mattresses are somewhat of a new revelation. Although they have been around for a while, it’s only recently they’ve started to be developed by a variety of companies, making them cheaper and better quality. Memory foam mattresses are made from heat reactive memory foam, which moulds to your body shape while you sleep. This cocoons your joints and eliminates pressure points, which can cause aches and pains, so they are great for people with conditions like arthritis. They’re also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so they are good for people who suffer with allergies.

Latex mattresses have many of the similar benefits of memory foam mattresses, however they reform back to their original shape much quicker than memory foam, so they can be better for people who find memory foam too restrictive when they sleep. For more information on how memory foam can work for you, visit Memory Foam Mattress Direct, where you’ll find a handy guide to finding the right mattress for you.

Vintage Bed Frame Styles

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Any bedroom with vintage style necessitates using some vintage bed frame, which could vary from the Victorian iron frame to a simple Mission frame. Here are some styles with a range of designs that would go along well with most styles of bedroom décor.

Sleigh Bed Frames

It was during mid-1800 that Napoleon caused the popularity of sleigh beds, also recognized as the French bed. The sleigh bed frame acquires the shape of customary sleigh. Its curved footboard and headboard gives it a graceful sloped look. Though the original old sleigh beds were made from different kinds of woods, these days you get them in leather, metals and rattan materials.

Sleigh bed with its smooth curved lines and its large size imparts grand looks to a bedroom. Depending on the available space, it may be a good idea to opt for sleigh bed with smaller frame rather than having a truly antique version. Choose the material that suits the space. For instance, cherry or solid mahogany has a romantic feel about it while rattan gives a casual look.

Mission Style Bed Frames

Mission design is notable for its simple and clean lines. Mission-style bed frames are characteristically made from pine, cherry and oak with footboard and headboard of narrow wooden slats that add to the length of the bed. Mostly, these are platform beds and the frame is four to six inches above the floor.
Mission-style beds present customary simplicity in a bedroom area. Because of their basic designs such frames give a more modern feel than the more elaborate styles of bed frames and therefore remain more versatile. For a contemporary look, you may seek to have a mission bed frame in an especially dark wood for utmost contrast, whereas oak and cherry gives a very traditional look.

Victorian Iron Bed Frames

A bed frame with the elaborate design features of Victorian fashion is a great focal point for a classic romantic bedroom. These were all the rage during late 1800s to early 1900s, and chiefly comprised of elaborate scrollwork with four poster and iron frames that gave them very romantic looks.

Victorian bed frames with antique designs have magnificent headboards with very detailed castings and other decorations or very basic designs with plain castings. You can use any type of mattress here, as long as it’s comfortable. Consider using these headboards for the most romantic feel and give a vintage look to an unconventional contemporary bedroom.

Art Deco Bed Frames

Art Deco became a very popular style in the 1920s to 1930s, distinguished by geometric patterns and smooth lines. With the coming of the Great Depression, heavy ornamentation was replaced with cleaner and significant lines. Antique Art Deco bed frames are generally made from brass or iron though expensive versions are available in mahogany or other woods.

These days you get art-deco bed frames made of wood or metals. These have designs varying from geometrical angles to gleaming architectural lines. Such designs present a very distinctive combination of modern and traditional elements, offering an everlasting style for modern and classic bedrooms.

Bed frames are expensive and before you invest in one, it would be desirable to conduct your own research to know of different available styles and choose the one that would most suit the layout and design of your bedroom. For additional information on bed frames you may like to go through the articles at Classic Bedsteads or Furniture Styles. These designs of bed frames will bring in vintage stylishness to any bedroom.

Bed with Bookcase by Flou

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The Flou’s Salina is the very best mix of comfort and style and is available as both a double and single bed. This piece of bedroom furniture seeks inspiration from the contemporary world. Its super-convenient storage is equipped with easily extractable shelves. The padded behead comes in the heights .8 and 1 meter. What we especially like it that for the double-bed version the covers (leather or fabric) can be removed.